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Hey guys, My name is Jojo and this will be fasion/other blog. you'll see artwork, Fairy kei, Pastel goth and Lolita fashion. If you have any questions about the items. Please don't be afaid to ask. I don't bite

March 2 2014, 11am

...4 months ago

Your blog is majestic and beautiful. You deserve a award.

D’aaww thank you >//<


January 3 2014, 9am

...6 months ago

Happy new year everyone. :)

I am a really bad person when it comes to updating. 

Happy new year everyone. I’m sorry I’ve been gone for awhile. I’ve been busy with stuff around my place. I was busy my whole December with a full time seasonal job. I’ve been working hard and saving up all the money I got. I’ve also been working on my room. I’ve taking everything out repainted it and move some stuff around. I had a nice Christmas with my family and boyfriend. I got a sewing machine and some money. My boyfriend got a lot of stuff from my family and he was really grateful for it. He wasn’t expecting to get anything but nope! :D

For new years my boyfriend and I went to a small new years party at my friends house. Where we played games and talked the whole night. On new years day we all went to IHOP and ate away. This new year began great on my end. I just hope it stays like that for awhile though. 

Enough about me though. How is everyone and how was your holidays?


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