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Hey guys, My name is Jojo and this will be fasion/other blog. you'll see artwork, Fairy kei, Pastel goth and Lolita fashion. If you have any questions about the items. Please don't be afaid to ask. I don't bite

September 20 2014, 11am

...1 day ago


Why is mint such a rare color in lolita when it is the best color in the world!!


It depends on which brand you’re looking at. Like Angelic pretty has a bunch of mint dresses! But they are hard to find because it’s a popular color. 


August 1 2014, 11am

...1 month ago

Hi everyone, I haven’t been posting in awhile and I am sorry for that. I have been working full time and been busy. Please forgive me for my absences I will try to post some stuff on here.

I’ve been working on my lolita wardrobe. I’ll post some pictures of them up here soon. :) 



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